Improvita UX-UI Design for medical software

UI / UX Design Research & Testing

By applying usability testing and analysis, The Improvita team ensures the right decisions are being made early in the client’s product development process.

  • UX testing evaluates a user’s emotions and attitudes about using the device.
  • UI testing evaluates the visual/graphic presentation of a digital device and its intended user.
  • Usability testing assesses a product’s ease of use, and user satisfaction. The Improvita team uses a System Usability Scale (SUS) to score the device, providing valuable insight regarding the probability of passing Ease of Use requirements.


Improvita uses a variety of research tools and methodologies to discover unmet needs and identify user interface issues and opportunities.

  • In-depth interviews
  • Gap analysis to regulatory standards
  • Ethnographic research (The study of people through observation and point of view of the subject)
  • Contextual inquiry
  • User needs identification
  • Focus groups (in-person and digital)

Human Factors engineering (hfe) and testing on a medical device

Usability & Human Factors Testing

The Improvita team uses a variety of testing processes and methods to assure optimization of the client’s device, while also meeting FDA testing guidelines.

  • Human factors formative (verification) is early-stage testing to identify problems
  • Risk management plan development, to identify areas where participants might fail, pass or have a “slip-up” or “close call” while using a product
  • Design Instructions For Use (IFU)
  • Human factors summative (validation) testing as mandated by the FDA
  • SaMD / clinical validation testing (plan and execute)
    • Model training and validation (pattern recognition, neural networks, algorithm, machine learning, artificial intelligence [AI], data mining, problem-solving)
    • AI and Machine Learning analytical testing (plan and execute)
Improvita customizable medical device testing facility

Customizable Medical Device Testing Lab

The Improvita medical device testing lab is flexible and customizable to each client’s unique needs. Whether a product is designed for home, lab, or hospital use, the appropriate testing environment is simulated.

  • Five testing rooms
  • Two conference rooms with the ability to accommodate live video feed
  • All testing rooms and conference rooms follow Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Video monitoring and on-site streaming capabilities available


Improvita’s highly skilled recruiting team utilizes a rapidly growing, multi-disciplinary database to identify and screen individuals who can provide valuable insight about a client’s product. Study participants range from highly specialized end users to laypeople, depending upon a product’s user requirements.

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